Airport Runway Cleaner 3000 from SMETS Technology

The ARC 3000® is the world’s most extensive system designed for professional runway cleaning with a nonstop working time of 3,5 hours and a working width of 3,000 mm.

A powerful high-pressure pump generates working pressures of up to 2,500/3,000 bar and a flow rate of up to 88 l/min. In addition, the four cleaning devices, three at the rear with a working width of 800 mm and one on the driver’s side with a working width of 600 mm, can be individually activated and deactivated.

Their systems consume the lowest water quantity per treated m² and create the lowest stress for the runway surface. An extremely high nozzle speed grant it. The high rotating speed of the nozzles makes high-speed drops and not aggressive jets. Their software is up-to-date that protects the system and every treated surface.

Join SMETS Technology at Saudi Airport Exhibition taking place from 7 – 8 November 2022.