Bildal’s transformers superior electrical performance

Bildal is one of the top-ranked manufacturers of high-quality Airfield Ground Lighting products, including Isolation Transformers, Primary & Secondary Connector Kits, and prefab cable assemblies that are vital for ensuring brilliant and efficient ground lightning at airports.

AGL Transformers
High-quality transformers provide continuous and disturb-free power supply to AGL circuit equipment. The transformer also isolates the lights from the medium voltage series circuit to deliver reliable performance and improved safety for operating personnel.

All BILDAL’s transformers have a toroidal shape design, providing superior electrical performance. Toroidal is a symmetric “donut” shape that ensures the lowest possible leakage inductance. That is why BILDAL transformers are the most energy efficient and comply with all existing and future AGL circuit equipment due to the lowest minimum electromagnetic interference.

AGL Primary Connectors
The primary circuit is the foundation of an AGL system. Connectors are the primary circuit’s most sensitive parts; therefore, high-quality connectors are the easiest way to increase the reliability of airfield lighting circuits.

BILDAL connectors provide watertight and durable installation in any environment. The nominal rating is 25 A and five 000V. Primary connectors are available for screened (shielded) and unscreened (unshielded) cables. Fast and simple installation is guided with attached manuals and visualized videos.

BILDAL’s primary connectors are packed and delivered in kits, including all the necessary parts for making the assembly on primary cables. Each primary connector kit contains components for a pair (a plug and a receptacle).

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