Dynell Innovative Aviation Ground Support Equipment

Dynell is your competent partner for aviation ground support equipment. As a system integrator, efficiency, performance and reliability build the foundation of their products. The innovative product range includes a completely new concept for solid state ground power units, efficient diesel driven ground power units and all kinds of connection systems like cable coil and pit systems. In addition to the 400 Hz equipment, sophisticated charging devices for GSE equipment round up the product portfolio of Dynell. A team of experts with a comprehensive industry knowledge and an innovative mindset is driven by market needs to generate ground-breaking ideas – they set the pace.

Product Information





• DSF – Static converter
No matter if under the passenger boarding bridge, at the gate or on remote parking positions, the Dynell solid-state frequency converter works under all conditions. The latest inverter technology increases the efficiency and reduces lifecycle costs. The modular design fits flexibly to individual customer needs and can be easily combined with any connection system on the market.

• Pit Systems
Pit systems are simply opened with a single touch and all of the required ground supply is available next to the aircraft. Therefore, the airplane can be easily, fast and safely connected to the 400 HZ ground power or PCA. The pit systems can hold up to four 400 Hz cables or two PCA connections plus additional supplies as needed.

• Cable Coils
The Dynell cable coil systems are the best and most economical way to provide 400 Hz power at the gate. The innovative design can hold up to 28 m of cable and can be installed everywhere at the apron and on the passenger boarding bridge. The coil system can be easily operated through the 400 Hz connector, DMC 400, with push buttons and status LEDs or the intuitive HMI.

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