EnTrackBag: Suspect Bag Tracking System

EntrackBag-Suspect baggage tracking system: Passengers arriving on international flights are often weary and hurrying to return home. They need patience for delays in customs screening at exit or mishandling of bags. Modern airports continuously strive to speed disembarked passengers through immigration, handbag screening, baggage claim, and customs without compromising duty revenue opportunity and security.

EnTrackBag provides a non-intrusive, low-touch, subtle, and practical solution that delivers a great passenger experience without compromising customs revenue opportunity and security. Major airports have relied on EnTrackBag to process millions of bags at arrivals to seamlessly track over 10 million+ suspected bags to date to realize the increase in customs revenue and superior passenger experience without queue building.

The EnTrackBag: suspect baggage tracking system tracks the suspect baggage and enhances the visibility of suspect baggage movement in the airport terminal and graded alert at customs exit to deliver enhanced security, increased customs revenue, and superior passenger experience with faster bag throughput at the exit. Unobtrusive identification, contraband linked graded alert, direct retrieval of the scanned x-ray image & physical bag image and networked suspect passenger database are some of the main reasons for the system’s popularity and adoption. The system is integrated with major BHS and X-RAY systems to offer seamless and effective suspect baggage tracking for the airport.

The system can also be extended to IATA resolution 753 compliance. IATA 753 compliance further reduces the mishandling of bags while keeping the passenger informed to enhance the travel experience. The system will demonstrate the DELIVERY of baggage when custody changes and provide an INVENTORY of bags upon flight departure by tracking bags at various points. Even when a bag is mishandled, the system immediately notifies of the deviation, prompting recovery and course correction, enabling airports and airlines to keep the bag on track.

Please check out EnTrackBag video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfN2NFxu50Y

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