FibreFENCE: The Innovative Range of FRP Fences and Gates for Airports

FibreFENCE is the innovative range of fences and gates, made of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), born to meet the most challenging airport needs, such as frangibility and radio-transparency for the airport security. Thanks to the exclusive production technology and combined with high mechanical and chemical features, FibreFENCE guarantees full compliance with ICAO standards.

Products Include:
FibreFENCE RAILING fences, made by FRP pultruded profiles assembled to create self-standing, modular panels, are the best solution to combine high mechanical resistance and efficient protection with radio-transparency and frangibility requirements in compliance with ICAO prescriptions. The extremely sturdy structure and the designed clear span ratio make these fences perfectly suitable to protect areas subject to jet blasts. Upon request, FibreFENCE RAILING fences can be improved with tiny FRP mesh to control small wildlife or debris intrusion.

FibreFENCE GRATINGS are made of FRP gratings and pultruded profiles assembled to create self-standing, modular panels. Easy to install FibreFENCE GRATINGS, thanks to high mechanical resistance, radio-transparency, and frangibility requirements in compliance with ICAO prescriptions are mostly used to protect sensitive areas in airports.

FibreFENCE GATE shares all FRP’s intrinsic benefits like radio-transparency, frangibility, great resistance to corrosion, UV rays and weather, mechanical resistance, and very limited maintenance. FibreFENCE GATE is exceptionally lightweight compared to any equivalent steel solution, making it possible to reach very wide apertures without needing heavy and complex supporting structures or columns. Moreover, FRP-designed frangibility guarantees faster and safer access for means of rescue in case of emergency, even at the gate closed.

FibreFENCE MESH fences are built directly on-site by assembling FRP mesh, profiles, and wind-bracings. This design makes FibreFENCE MESH one of the most efficient, durable, and cost-effective solutions among all radio-transparent certified fencing systems available in the market. The installation is speedy and easy, all FRP components are incredibly lightweight, and they don’t need special lifting devices or cranes on site, reducing consistently overall installation costs compared to any other solution.

Meet FibreFENCE on the Italy Pavilion at Saudi Airport Exhibition 2023.