Frequentis X10 is the optimal solution for all kinds of ATC operations

The Frequentis X10 system establishes the highest standard in communication handling, ensuring uninterrupted audio over every air/ground connection with a duplicate parallel audio stream. As a result, switch-over time no longer exists and adds value to every ATC operation:
Ease of use: Frequentis’ voice communication capabilities are among the best in the industry. Users could use it to develop the most efficient, safest, flexible, and user-friendly user interfaces.
Ease of management: With standardised IT systems, administrators can easily learn operational concepts, avoiding long and complicated training sessions. With fast and dynamic capacity adaptations, operational changes such as scaling up or down can be made in real time, ensuring the continuous safety of operations. The Voice Communication IT service can be hosted virtually anywhere, requiring a small IT footprint and little support at the operational sites.
Highest safety levels: Operating on the same software technologies as X10, the world’s largest IT systems, guarantee zero downtime environments. ANSP’s safety requirements can be met with seamless updates and location-independent deployments based on distributed, microservice-based architecture.
Business continuity assured: Whether you are transitioning from legacy systems to new ones or need to implement operational changes, X10 is the right solution to help avoid safety risks and loss of revenue associated with downtime.

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