Ground Handling with Goldhofer: combining sustainability and economics

During the Saudi Airport Exhibition which will be held from November 7-8th, Goldhofer will inform about their latest solutions for emission-free ground handling with their electrically powered new »PHOENIX« E towbarless tractors, »SHERPA« E cargo tractors and »BISON« E conventional aircraft tractors and the Goldhofer »LINK« IoT platform. Together with their partners, Bombelli S.r.l., Guinault and Saudi Scales and Equipment Co.LTD., Goldhofer will be taking advantage of the Saudi Airport Exhibition to underscore their claim as a full service provider for electric ground handling. Goldhofer will also present in the show its well known and highly reliable Diesel driven GSE products, pushbacks and cargo tractors.

“The future at airports worldwide is electric and our intelligent, broad-based portfolio, along with that of our partners, provides mature capabilities for trouble-free operations,” says Lothar Holder, Head of Airport Technology at Goldhofer. The new »PHOENIX« E, is the most powerful vehicle in its electrically powered ground handling fleet: The towbarless aircraft tractor offers zero-emission handling of 70 percent of all passenger and cargo aircraft on the market today up to a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 352 t.

»PHOENIX« E in operation in Frankfurt (photo: ABB-Goldhofer)

The »SHERPA« E is ideal for a wide range of operations on the apron. With its impressive performance, the model is a convincing alternative to a diesel cargo tow tractor. With up to 8 tons of ballast as required in the individual case, the e-cargo tractor has the traction needed to tow heavy loads up to 80 t, and also to handle pushbacks with smaller aircraft with up to 50 t take-off weight.

Cargo tractor »SHERPA«

The »BISON« E 620 can handle up to 250 t. It features an intelligent cockpit designed for easy operation and is engineered with robust, durable components. All Goldhofer e-vehicles operate with the proven »IonMaster« technology. It employs extremely efficient lithium-ion battery systems and high-voltage technology with 400 or 700 V plus an active thermal management system (TMS) for significantly longer battery life under even the most grueling operating and environmental conditions including extremes of heat and cold. “Our solutions for switching to all-electric operation combine the same high standards of performance with fast intermediate charging and zero-emission working,” says Lothar Holder.

Conventional tractor »BISON« 620 D

Intelligent vehicle performance management

Goldhofer will also inform about the second package of its »LINK« tele-metric system. The IoT platform was unveiled at GSE Expo 2021 in Las Vegas. The system is designed to provide digital mapping for all product and maintenance functionalities. This makes Goldhofer’s »LINK« the perfect tool for intelligent vehicle performance management.

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