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TrackIT – Your Reliable Partner for ‘Visibility’ in Aviation.

An aviation focused digitalization and tracking solutions provider, offering innovative decision support tools that transform information into smart business intelligence.

– EnTrackBag: Suspect Bag Tracking system, adopted by 17 Intl. airports globally, including Jeddah & Riyadh airport.
– EnTrackGSE: GSE Fleet Management enable Ground Handlers to digitize GSE operations and manage their GSE fleet efficiently
– EnTrackMRO: Productivity Enhancement & Execution platform enables MROs & manufacturers to visualize & optimize execution
– EnTrackCargo: Digitize, Automate, Optimize processes in the cargo handling value chain
and more aviation digitalization solutions.

Product Information

EnTrackBag: Suspect Bag Tracking System
TrackIT’s patented EnTrackBag: Suspect Bag Tracking system is adopted by 17 international airports globally to track & monitor suspect bag movement in the arrival terminal, better detection at the red & green channel to enhance security, increase revenue collection, while offering superior passenger experience.

EnTrackBag is integrated with all leading BHS, X-RAY systems for seamless operation. Please check out EnTrackBag video here –


EnTrackGSE: GSE Fleet Management System
EnTrackGSE digitizes GSE operations to provides real-time actionable insights for efficient day of operations, turnaround management, driver behavior & safety monitoring, utilization-based maintenance, fuel optimization and more, to optimize GSE operations and efficient asset management to deliver business advantage.

Check out our EnTrackGSE video here –


EnTrackCargo: Digital cargo solutions
Digitize, Automate, Optimize processes across the cargo handling value chain.

EnTrackCargo enables digitization of cargo handling processes in the areas of – Warehouse Operations Monitoring & Optimization, Automated Pallet Weight & Dimension capturing, Digitize X-Ray Screening Process to enable capacity & throughput optimization, cost & manpower optimization and enhanced security & compliance.


EnTrackMRO: Productivity Enhancement & Execution platform
Real-Time Location (RTLS) based digital platform to visualize & optimize maintenance & production.

The EnTrack platform captures the actual task execution in the maintenance & production value chain enabling data corroboration between the planned vs actual TAT. It facilitates a data-driven collaboration on project progress, shop floor operation, inventory, integrating people, process and systems to improve shop loading efficiency, utilization and throughput, contributing to top line & bottom-line growth.


EnTrackLifevest: Inflight Safety Equipment Tracking
Digitally carry out mandatory serviceability and availability checks of onboard equipment with EnTrackLifevest, bring down the checking and validation time by up to 90%.

EnTrackLifevest captures the LOPA and solves the challenges of a paper-based manual inspection process to save time and resources while ensuring regulatory compliance and mobility. Furthermore, it can be integrated with the ERP to streamline safety equipment inventory, provisioning, and consumption.

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