Inter-Homines – a monitoring tool by General Security

“Inter-Homines was born as a social distancing monitoring tool at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and became a great gathering analysis and prediction tool. The system uses already installed CCTV and sends a real-time alert in case of gatherings; the system, realized in collaboration with Modena University, is based on Artificial Intelligence and, thanks to the “self-learning” function, can predict when and where the gatherings are most likely to occur, same as the behavior of a particular subject or an entire group of people.”

The PSS is a particular software product capable of homogenizing and integrating different technologies not connected to offer information within a single interface.
Therefore, all the information necessary to decide in real-time in any emergency or safety situation is available in a single solution.

To this end, PSS develops software modules for digitizing and normalizing data through different protocols such as Modbus, Contact id, Mqtt, and specific integrations with proprietary SDKs, embracing the whole world of technological systems, becoming fundamental and strategic in the era of IoT.”

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