LPort and Ink Innovation signed a strategic partnership deal to bring mobility solutions to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Airport Exhibition turned a matchmaker for local and international companies to bring innovative products to the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia’s LPort has signed an open-ended strategic partnership agreement with Spain’s Ink Innovation to bring innovative mobility solutions to the Kingdom projected to handle 330 million air travellers by 2030.

The deal had been signed at the first-ever Saudi Airport Exhibition that concluded today at the Al Faisaliah Hotel after a two-day run.

Mohammed Al Moaither, Founder and Chief Design Officer of LPort, and Blaine Powell, Chief Sales Officer at Ink Innovation, signed the formal cooperation agreement has been in the works since 2018.

Ink Innovation has an impressive portfolio which includes the most advanced Cloud-hosted Departure Control System capable of running across a range of devices. Ink is used by airports, airlines and ground handlers all over the world for their mission-critical passenger handling operations on desktops, self-service and mobile devices.

Ink’s Self-Service significantly reduces waiting times and allows travellers to perform the check-in process in seconds with minimal effort. Ink Web Check-in gives passengers the ability to check in from the comfort of their home, office or hotel room later than other airlines permit. It allows (or restricts) seat changes only in rows that one wants to, following preset business rules. This customisation reduces the number of exceptions that need to be manually handled in the airport.

Ink BRS is to achieve AAA compliance by ensuring every bag loaded onto an aircraft belonging to passengers has boarded that aircraft. Misloads and slow offloading of baggage are frequent causes of delays. This mobile solution also allows locating the bags of passengers that do not board and easily detect misrouted baggage before loading onto the aircraft. LPort is keen to bring several of Ink Innovation’s products to the region in the coming months.