Red Sea International Airport on course to become operational in 2023

RIYADH: The solar-powered Red Sea International Airport is set to become operational in a few months, according to a press release by Red Sea Global, the multi-project developer behind the regenerative tourism destination.

RSG, wholly owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, has released an update on the progress of the first phase of the Red Sea destination, marking six years since the company was first announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The latest construction update reveals the progress achieved across the destination, including 13 hotels and the supporting infrastructure.

John Pagano, RSG group CEO, said that his company stands at the brink of an extraordinary moment as it prepares to introduce the Red Sea destination to the world.

“In six years, we have made exceptional progress, creating exquisite resorts and best-in-class, sustainable infrastructure in a remote location, demonstrating innovation in line with our regenerative approach and commitment to responsible development,” he said.

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