Dear Industry Colleagues,

Saudi Airport Exhibition 2024 introduces its first webinar series:

Vertiports: The Future of Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Webinar Details: Tuesday, 23rd April 2024 |  3 pm UAE Time

Overview of the Topic:

Vertiports are transforming urban transport by offering efficient solutions for growing cities. As essential parts of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem, they aim to reduce congestion and change how we move in urban areas.

Discussion Points:

  • Exploring the Concept of Vertiports: Understanding the fundamental principles and design considerations behind vertiports as integral elements of the UAM infrastructure.
  • Analyzing the Role of Vertiports: Examining how vertiports can effectively mitigate urban congestion by providing alternative transportation options and enhancing city connectivity.
  • Transforming Transportation Dynamics: Discussing the broader implications of vertiports on urban planning, environmental sustainability, and the future of mobility.
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    Meet Our Speakers

    Speaker: Clem Newton-Brown, Founder and CEO, Skyportz Australia

    Clem Newton-Brown is CEO and founder of Skyportz, the only Australian business developing a network of landing sites for a future air taxi network. Clem’s background as a former Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Member of Victorian Parliament and barrister specialising in planning and property development has put him at the forefront of this emerging industry.

    Clem serves on several Federal, State, industry and international committees advancing the development of the rules and regulations around establishing a whole new era in clean, green electric aviation.The success of the industry depends on these changes along with a network of Skyportz sites  from which air taxis will operate.

    Speaker: Daniel Mojica, Executive Director, Vertiport Chicago

    A native of Mexico, Daniel Mojica was five when his family moved to Cicero, Illinois. By junior high he had won over his new hometown, earning Cicero’s top student award. He learned about teamwork as a player on his state championship high school rugby team and as a stagehand, operating lights and painting murals. That artwork led to a brief internship at Nike to design shoes. My design didn’t win,” says Mojica, “but the opportunity showed me I’d enjoy running my own business.”

    Mojica did exactly that during his first year at Western Illinois University, selling annuities and insurance as an independent contractor. When his father suffered a disabling illness, Mojica returned to Chicago and eventually enrolled in Harold Washington College. There he connected with a recruiter who encouraged him to apply to SPS, and in 2015 he joined the accelerated cohort program in organization behavior, with a focus on business leadership.

    A year earlier Mojica had started work for EvoLux Transportation — “Expedia meets Airbnb” for private helicopter travel, with a ride-sharing option — cold-calling charter pilots. On an El ride, Mojica spotted a helipad under construction in the Illinois Medical District and helped EvoLux, a Miami-based startup, negotiate a contract with Vertiport Chicago to expand to Chicago in late 2015, earning him a promotion to expansion coordinator.

    Speaker: Ricky Sandhu, Founder and Executive, Chairman Urban Air-Port

    Ricky is a graduate of the world leading Bartlett School of Architecture and went on to become one of the youngest equity partners at Foster + Partners where he worked for 16 years on some of the world’s largest and most iconic infrastructure projects.

    Ricky founded Urban-Air Port in 2019 & Urban.MASS in 2020 to follow his passion for delivering ethical, sustainable and game changing contributions to local, national and international communities through innovative, disruptive design & technology. With a focus on mobility, he is committed to creating solutions that deliver a zero emission, inclusive, healthier and sustainable future for everyone.

    Ricky holds a BA (Hons) from Nottingham University, an award-winning Diploma of Architecture (Dip Arch) and a Master of Architecture with Distinction (MArch) from the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London, during which he also spent a semester at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).  Ricky is a MIT DesignX Mentor supporting other innovative tech start-ups focused on design & tech for the built environment.

    Ricky is also the founding member of their family foundation, the SMALL. Foundation a not for profit tasked with tackling the other global challenges that seem to never get tackled inc. plastic waste, fashion waste, electric waste.

    Speaker: Jörn Jaeger, Former Head of Airspace and Vertiports, Volocopter

    Jörn has been working in the airspace and airports/vertiports sectors for more than 25 years. He began his career at Siemens, where he managed international turnkey airport projects. He then worked for the German ATC service provider Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) in various positions, including in the development of UTM concepts and systems, before becoming Head of Airspace and Vertiports at Volocopter, where he not only developed the operational concepts for the first eVTOL flights in Helsinki and Singapore, but also prepared the first routes and vertiports with his team for the launch of commercial eVTOL operations in various partnership models in all destination cities around the world.

    Jörn has also been involved in various standardisation and regulatory activities, including his membership in the EASA Rulemaking Taskforce 0230 especially dealing with ATM/SERA, U-Space and Vertiports, chairing the Eurocae WG-112 Subgroup 7 that developed the concept of operations for VTOL aircraft, and his role as technical advisor to the ICAO Vertical Flight Infrastructure Working Group.

    Jörn is a trained aircraft mechanic and holds a university degree in aerospace engineering and a Master of Science in International Transport.

    Moderator: Jeremy Hartley, Policy Specialist Civil Aviation Authority UK

    Jeremy (Jam) Hartley is the Policy Specialist-Vertiports for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the United Kingdoms (UK) aviation regulator. His current position was developed as part of the UKs Future Flight Programme to ensure that regulations for this new type of aerodrome infrastructure allow for safe and efficient operations and are ready for the introduction of these novel eVTOL aircraft.

    After fifteen years in aviation related roles, and seven years in healthcare, Jam took to obtaining his MSc in Air Transport Operations and Business Management, equipping himself to formulate ideas and make educated decisions to facilitate the world of aviation into the future. During his studies, he focused his efforts on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), producing a thesis on utilizing eVTOL aircraft to support The NHS National Organ Retrieval Service surgical teams from time, economic and environmental aspects. Jam believes that in the current global climate, with pressures on sustaining an environmentally stable planet, changes are required to develop new and maintain existing aviation business that will thrive to serve generations to come in an equitable manner.

    To compliment his role, Jam is involved with working groups within the CAA and other external agencies. He is the UK member for the ICAO working group designated to developing international vertiport standards and works with EUROCAE on developing guidance pertaining to managing lithium-Ion battery fires relating to eVTOL aircraft. These experiences allow for a broad spectrum of knowledge and understanding of this innovative industry, which he is employing to ensure a safe and future proof AAM environment.