Sawary Trading and Contracting: Your Partner for Efficient and Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sawary Trading and Contracting and Parker Velcon share a common goal of providing sustainable energy solutions. Through their partnership, efficient and eco-friendly aviation fuel filtration solutions have been developed to meet the industry’s energy demands.

The Aerospace Filtration Division (AFD) of Parker Hannifin manufactures a wide range of best-in-class Parker Velcon filtration and separation solutions and fuel condition monitoring products to ensure clean, dry aviation fuel.

As the global leader in bulk aviation fuel filtration, Parker AFD’s proprietary products range from Micronics filters, fiberglass coalescers, separators, water-absorbent cartridges, and clay canisters designed to meet required industry standards.

This includes a complete line of cartridges qualified to the latest editions of EI specifications: EI 1581, EI 1583, and EI 1590, as well as housings that meet best-in-class EI 1596 requirements. For military fuel handling and filtration, Parker AFD has developed & supplied coalescers & separator cartridges for vessels qualified to stringent military fuel filtration specifications, specifically EI1581 and qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter/separators, Category M and M100 Parker CLEAN-Diesel filtration solutions designed for ultra-clean fuel required by today’s Tier 4F and Stage IV high-pressure common rail engines. Applications also include Mining.

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