The Bombelli Arctic Cool Dolly is the Missing Link in your Cool Chain

A BOMBELLI Arctic Cool Dolly provides the ultimate solution for maintaining the unbroken Cool Chain while transporting pharmaceuticals and perishable goods between the cargo warehouse and the aircraft.

Cool Chain handling capabilities are significantly enhanced through zero-temperature deviation handling services, increasing customer satisfaction and attracting new business. In addition, Arctic Cool Dolly simplifies handling such cargo, reducing direct and indirect handling costs and risk.

From an Airline’s perspective (and ultimately the Shipper’s), the general flexibility and performance that the Arctic Cool Dollies assure mean that they can be utilized in alternative or conjunction with traditional active and passive cooling containers/packaging, depending on various factors such as the required temperature range and other elements of the Cool Chain. Ultimately this can allow for significantly enhanced cargo capacity per pallet/container and cost savings thanks to reduced aircraft fuel burn, as well as be a key part of the solution to overcome the dry ice limits on aircraft.

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