Turnaround Control by Assaia provides you with a single source of truth and optimizes aircraft turnarounds

Turnaround Control is one of the key applications in the ApronAI suite. It uses computer vision to detect airside activities and serves as a single source of truth helping to optimise aircraft turnarounds. It generates automated timestamps and predictions in real-time and immediately sends alerts allowing ground operations to take necessary actions to enhance safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency. Awareness about deviations from normal operations helps to reduce operational costs, improve on time-performance (OTP) and increase turnaround transparency for airports, their airline partners, and ground handlers.

With the Turnaround Control system in place, turnaround durations have been proven to decrease by 12%, saving airports and airlines valuable time for their high-cost infrastructure. This result was achieved through the usage of real-time alerts for situations in which specific ground-handling activities did not start on time (for example, the system would send an alert if the cleaning team had not been detected on the aircraft stand within three minutes after passenger offboarding had ended). Such real-time awareness about deviations from the turnaround plan allows operational staff to act directly and minimise the impact on on-time performance.

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